Single-source high potency oil infused with natural botanicals. What does that mean? Like the process essential oils go through, cannabis distillation removes anything that impacts high potency, purity, and taste volatility. We turn up the heat to remove unwanted flavors, aromas, and all other impurities.

Designed with simplicity at its core, podpak doesn’t have cheap materials — just the right ones.
And we surround your oil with as little of it as possible, so nothing comes between you and the golden glory of your flavorful flower!

The turn terpologists wouldn’t have it any other way.
PSA: Other devices use lower-end materials like cotton or bad-for-you metals that screw up the flavor (and your lungs). Metals and cotton, what have you been smoking?!

It’s 3D, it’s 4D, it’s 5D! Is that a thing? Who cares, it’s TRUtaste™.

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